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QoS across my enterprise

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  • cwhite

    How can I ensure that applications with varying QoS needs are met across the entire enterprise?  If there is any documentation that addresses, please advise.


  • lcooney


    Once digital edge nodes are established so that traffic at each node can be localized and optimized it is possible to segment traffic flows by type within the edge based upon policies and aligned to QoS needs for each flow. Segmentation can also be achieved by direct connections to clouds and business partners in each node depending on need. Traffic management capabilities (like traffic shaping) are deployed across the interconnected mesh of nodes as well.

    The Network Blueprint shows you these stages in the IOA Roadmap. Please refer to this for more details.


  • jbrannan

    Hello CWhite,

    I would say that to design and build a proper QoS configuration for your applications and network is a fairly extensive exercise.  I am not sure of your exact role or even your requirements but certainly you need an end to end QoS design and implementation to support all voice, video and other streaming media content on your network.  The network manufacturers all have a myriad of design guides and best practices for QoS configurations on their platforms.  In addition, you have to align your private network QoS design and configuration with your respective network provider (i.e. MPLS provider) and align on the number of "classes of service" supported.  Often the standard cast of global network providers offer 5-6 classes of service at their provider edge (PE) router.  I would be happy to provide other ideas or reference information if you or your team are deep into it.  The last thing I will say is that often people look at QoS the wrong way for their applications or traffic; they look at it and say "what do I want to protect" at times of congestion but ultimately you are making decisions on what traffic you will discard and negatively impact to protect the other traffic!  Hope it helps.

  • tpeluso

    Thanks  jbrannan for the thoughts and perspective.  Especially '...they look at it and say  "what do I want to protect" at times of congestion but ultimately you are making decisions on what traffic you will discard and negatively impact to protect the other traffic!  

    thanks so much!

    Terri Peluso IOA Knowledge Base & Community Manager
  • relder

    Greetings  cwhite 

    Many outstanding books, essays and blogs cover this topic in greater detail.  For a quick primer on the topic, Enterprise Architects will do well to establish a baseline standard for their unique business applications goals and objectives, then identify critical data pivot (routing) points and importantly 'edges'.  These edges are places where data transitions from one network environment type to another (e.g. WAN to LAN, LAN to Wireless, and WAN to Cloud).  These edges are where QoS implementation is most critical for ensuring application performance is met across the entire enterprise and high user experience is achieved and maintained. 

    Elements of a comprehensive QoS Design and Best Practice include:

    • Classification and Marking of traffic
    • Policing and Remarking
    • Queuing Design and Implementation
    • Dropping Design and Implementation
    • Per-Hop Behavior Queue behaviors
    • RFC's (e.g. RFC 4594 QoS Recommendtions) - other vendor recommendations e.g. Microsoft

    These are just to name a few of the considerations, however and importantly, ensuring these things are implemented universally and especially at the 'Edges' of an Enterprise network will go very far ensuring the needs are met across an entire enterprise. 

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