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What is the relationship btwn IOA and containers? | Interconnection Oriented Architecture Knowledge Base & Community

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What is the relationship btwn IOA and containers?

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  • rmeyer

    Hello,  As I read though the application blueprint and designs, there doesn’t seem to be mention about using containers (specifically managing, scaling, and securing).  Does IOA not really have a place in supporting container services?



  • paulmason

    Here’s what I love about container technology: the services delivered by the container are so effectively abstracted from the underlying hardware and operating system that they can pretty much be ran anywhere! Customers are embracing the concept of containers and are using them in heterogeneous environments (on-prem and multiple clouds).

    However, sometimes people seem to misinterpret that abstraction from infrastructure means that the infrastructure and infrastructure design isn’t important. On the contrary, I believe that they only real way to ensure easy management, smooth scaling, and air-tight security is to implement a robust architecture which provides dependable performance and flexibility.

    This is how IOA can be a big help when implementing a container strategy. When I look at the design patterns for Localize & Optimize Traffic and Multicloud Connectivity, I see the creation of a service backbone which can deliver on the latency and bandwidth needs of a growing micro-services platform built upon containers. The rapid provisioning of direct links to new clouds can happen in moments and even be API driven by orchestration engines. The Security Blueprint provides methods to maintain the integrity of data exchange between the containers and a Data Cache is the ideal location for persistent storage which must be accessed by containers running across multiple clouds.

    Done right, on a global container based micro-services platform built on an IOA strategy the application seamlessly scales up and down while dodging potential outages. The application developers will be the stars and get all the credit, but we know it was the awesome global interconnection design that made it all possible!

    Paul Mason Senior Principal Solutions Architect EQUINIX | One Lagoon Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065 E pmason@equinix.com| T +1 650 598 6406 M +1 408 909 8915
  • rmeyer


    Found some good info in your blogs about this.  

    The Rise of Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) for Faster Application Delivery https://blog.equinix.com/blog/2017/01/06/the-rise-of-container-as-a-service-caas-for-faster-application-delivery/

    This one about Kubernetes - https://blog.equinix.com/blog/2017/04/18/equinix-to-enable-hybrid-kubernetes-architecture-with-google-cloud/


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