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re: ‘Network Edge' for Global NFV product information & roadmap | IOA Knowledge Base Community

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re: ‘Network Edge' for Global NFV product information & roadmap

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  • mjlandy

    Hi Equinix Solution Architecture Group, 

    Are you able to please provide more detail around the product offering (Global NFV) for large enterprise wishing to create a Cloud Edge presence within your DCs ? 

    Further to info provided here :) 


    I can definitely see a use case for a large enterprise who has on-prem DC in older tier3 or non-Equinix DC and wants to establish a Cloud Edge presence at EQN + connect their HQ (via a layer2 circuit) to their newly created cloud edge at EQN, to offload SaaS traffic off MPLS or Internet circuits from HQ. 

    There are a vast amount of new products/services being offered in the NFV/SD-WAN space to create solution for large enterprises, I just want to see where the new Equinix Global NFV will fit into the landscape. 

    1. How will Equinix Global NFV platform differ to what Microsoft Azure is offering with Virtual WAN product ? 

    2. Remote VPN uses case - Palo Alto is already addressing the need for customers to not utilise on-prem FW but rather leverage GlobalProtect via virtual PAs at AWS locations.  

    3. How will Equinix Global NFV differ to what Kaloom is offering ? 


    It would be super useful for Equinix to release a white paper / product document including roadmap information for Global NFV. 

    Kind Regards

    Marc Landy 


  • tpeluso

    Hello  mjlandy ,

    Thank you for the question!  I have reached out to our SMEs who can best answer and provide any available information.  Thanks again!

    Best regards,


    Terri Peluso IOA Knowledge Base & Community Manager
  • nicholash

    Hi Marc - I've reached out to you directly to catch up for a conversation.

    Most of our official information can be found here: https://www.equinix.com/solutions/network-functions-virtualization/ and you can register there for updates as well.

    The product is still working through our product development life cycle. However, the initial use cases are around NFV in our IBX ecosystem focused on cloud connectivity and remote cloud connectivity via ECX Fabric. While you can do remote VPN and SD-WAN work with these appliances, we are focused on core functionality with the IBX at the moment.

    I believe it's humans taking boring jobs from robots, not the other way around.
  • mjlandy

    Hi Nicholas, registered for NFV updates, that's great !! Thanks for the explanation, makes sense, provide core functionality to cloud[x] and let customers provide services. 

    Just doing some leg work for future projects. 



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