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The Data Center is Dead by David Cappuccio, Research VP, Gartner | Interconnection Oriented Architecture Knowledge Base & Community

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The Data Center is Dead by David Cappuccio, Research VP, Gartner

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  • tpeluso

    The Data Center is Dead by Dave Cappuccio  |  July 26, 2018  |

    As interconnect services, cloud providers, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge services and SaaS offerings continue to proliferate, the rationale to stay in a traditional data center topology will have limited advantages. This is not an overnight shift, but an evolutionary change in thinking in how we deliver services to our customers and to the business.

    Our planning assumption:  By 2025, 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center, versus 10% today.

    However, enterprise computing still needs to evolve.  As one CIO recently said to me;  “My data center?  It’s everywhere and anywhere I need to place compute capability to enable my business”

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    Terri Peluso IOA Knowledge Base & Community
  • Snarkier

    This is a very profound sea change. At some point every enterprise must ask themselves what is the strategic value of owning and operating each data center. The costs and complexity of running your own data center will shift from strategic value to strategic burden for many. At one point, enterprises had arguments about maintaining  home grown systems that had become commodities, such as CRM, this change is much more profound requiring a re-evaluation of skills and  processes, not just technology. 

    I have practiced pattern based design for over 20 years and am passionately curious about how technology affects our lives.
  • rorymurphy

    Also, enterprises can maximise their marketing by 'standing on the shoulders' of their colocation and interconnection hub partners, eg it would have been highly unlikely that their on premises server room could boast 99.9999% global uptime! 

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